Sunday, December 13, 2009

Episode 36: Focusing Tips plus Show and Tell: Motion Shots

In this episode, learn tips on how to use the autofocus and manual focus modes on a DSLR. Also, guest photographers share their stunning motion images in the continuing show and tell series.


xxxandra said...

hi, i really enjoy your podcasts, they are so helpful. i've always struggled to grasp some of the basic concepts such as f-stops,exposure compensation, etc reading from websites or books, but the podcast video format and your way of explaining things have made it so much easier. i hope you post some new podcast soon. keep the god work!
until then, see you later! lol

mysch 57 said...


Thank you for your generosity in presenting these lessons for us!

When clicking on the link to see this lesson (36), my computer says "Video format not supported." Is it different than .mp4?