Saturday, July 21, 2007

Episode 25: Night Photography Tips

In this lesson, learn how to take great shots at night with either a digital or film camera. Tips on camera settings and exposure control are offered to help assure success of landscape shots taken at night or in low light situations.


Dale said...

I just had to point out this: your reference to "Bulb" is wrong. It doesn't refer to flash bulb, but the old bulb shutter trigger. It kind of looked like a blood pressure cuff inflator bulb. The air pressure would trigger the shutter, when set to "B" the shutter would stay open as long as the bulb was held (or air pressure remained). refer to

Johanna said...

I just want to throw in that 30 seconds is NOT enough to cover yourself with film night photography. I did night photography for one of my assignments in photography 2, and the best shots that turned out came from the 4 to 5 minute shutter speeds. Yes....minutes. And this was at 400 speed film. I bracketed 8 second, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 4 minutes and 5 minutes at F8.

Mark Fendrick said...

Was hoping to find a good photography podcast. Although I have been an SLR photographer for 40 years I have just moved on to a DSLR and figured this would be a good time to jog the memory and clear out the cobwebs. Sadly, your podcast seems rife with misinformation (yes BULB refers to the rubber air bulb that predates flashbulbs significantly) both historically and photographically. Sorry to say, it just doesn't cut it.